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“And it exploded.”*

A bit of an apology to any who feel they deserve it:  I intentionally understated just how bad my wife’s acute appendicitis was earlier this week. Once she had surgery and was admitted to the hospital we knew that she was going to be fine with a few days of intense care, and I didn’t want to get people overly concerned about what her condition had been.  Which was, frankly, really bad. Following the surgery, this is pretty much how the surgeon characterized it:

Seriously, that’s what happened. The surgeon said that the appendix hadn’t just ruptured, it had “basically exploded, with pieces all through her abdomen. A real mess.”

So, now that she’s been cleared to return home tomorrow, I thought I’d offer my apologies. Earlier I wanted to let people know that she was in the hospital, and why, but I didn’t want to get everyone too worked up over a crisis which had already passed. Sorry about being misleading. And thanks for your support.


Jim Downey

*If you didn’t instantly think of this scene just from that phrase … well, you need to watch Galaxy Quest again, as it has obviously been too long. When I discussed posting this with my wife, we both had a good chuckle over the fact that she had also thought of the exact same scene when the surgeon told us what had happened. Yeah, we’re weird like that.

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Having a sense of humour in such a situation will make her recovery that much quicker! 🙂

Comment by justmoo33

PS:thanks for putting me off my food with that video. Yuck! 😉

Comment by justmoo33


Perhaps I should started marketing myself as a Diet Counselor.

Comment by James Downey

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