Communion Of Dreams

How so very … random.

There’s “random“, and then there’s random.


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MINNEAPOLIS / ST. PAUL (09/03/2013) —An international group of researchers from the University of Minnesota, Argonne National Laboratory and Seoul National University have discovered a groundbreaking technique in manufacturing nanostructures that has the potential to make electrical and optical devices smaller and better than ever before. A surprising low-tech tool of Scotch Magic tape ended up being one of the keys to the discovery.

The research is published today in Nature Communications, an international online research journal.

Combining several standard nanofabrication techniques—with the final addition of the Scotch Magic tape—researchers at the University of Minnesota created extremely thin gaps through a layer of metal and patterned these tiny gaps over the entire surface of a four-inch silicon wafer. The smallest gaps were only one nanometer wide, much smaller than most researchers have been able to achieve. In addition, the widths of the gaps could be controlled on the atomic level. This work provides the basis for producing new and better nanostructures that are at the core of advanced electronic and optical devices.

And no, it’s not graphene.

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In a small side discussion on the larger topic of space exploration, this comment was made in response to the characterization of those who have said that they would be willing to take a one-way trip to Mars were ‘nuts’:

It’s disturbing that people would choose death on Mars over life eternal here in the undying lands of Earth.
posted by 0xFCAF at 10:24 PM on September 4

Yeah, pretty much my take on things, as well.

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This is over-simplified, but good nonetheless:


* * *

There’s “random“, and then there’s random. And yes, that is very much how Margo Lynn goes through life, from what I’ve seen in knowing her the last couple of decades. But it works, and keeps things interesting.

So, congrats to TanteLiz and to CJ, who will receive the leather-bound and ‘nearly perfect‘ copies of Communion of Dreams, respectively. Thanks to all who participated.

And particular thanks to Margo Lynn for adding her own somewhat random take on determining the winners, as well.


Jim Downey

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