Communion Of Dreams

“Welcome to the Google Cafe.”
September 6, 2013, 10:40 am
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“Can I show you to a table?”

“Yeah, sure.”  I followed the young, trim man over to a small table by the window.

“Will this be OK?”


I sat down.  The waiter stood next to the table.

“Would you like to order your mocha and cheese danish?”

“Sorry, what? I haven’t even looked at the menu yet.”

He glanced at a pad in his hand. “Our records show that you usually order a mocha – slim – and cheese danish whenever you come into the cafe at this time of day.”

“Um, not yet. I’m waiting for someone.”

“OK.” He glanced to the door. “Here she comes now.”

I turned, saw Sam enter. I looked back at the waiter.

He looked back. “Samantha Jones. 37. Two kids. Her husband, Joe, isn’t aware that you’re having an affair.”

I goggled. Sam came over, glanced at the waiter, sat down.

“Good morning! So, that’ll be coffee, black, for you, sir, with a fresh fruit platter. And Samantha will nibble at a blueberry muffin and drink water.” He gave us a wink. “Don’t want to get too full.”

Sam blinked, looked at me a little confused. We both looked to the waiter. “Yeah, sure.”

He nodded and smiled. Tapped a few keys on the pad, then just stood there.

I looked at Sam. She looked at me. I looked at the waiter. “Something I can help you with?”

“Oh, no sir. But thanks for asking.”

“Then, will you go away?”

“Oh, no sir. I’m here to facilitate anything you may need. Perhaps interest you in a special offer for a weekend getaway?” He glanced at the pad. “It’s been almost three months since the last one.”

“Um, but we’d like a little privacy.”

He smiled. “Not to worry, sir. I won’t share your information with anyone. This is just a service we provide. Completely routine.”

“Yeah, but, you know, we’d like to be … alone.”

“Sorry sir, but you agreed to the terms of service when you came in here. And the courts have ruled that you have no expectation of privacy in a public place such as this.”

“Yeah, but …”



Jim Downey


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<> it’s too damned true, and no one realizes it.

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