Communion Of Dreams

Another excerpt.

The writing continues to go well. Thought I’d share this bit from today:

She looked around the edge of the table, to where his shoulder bag sat on the floor. “Got your hand-held in there?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Get it out, search St. Winefride’s plus 1917.”

Darnell picked up his bag, opened the pocket where his hand-held was, took it out. He turned it on, and while it booted up looked at Megan, who was calmly finishing her dinner, watching him.  He tapped an icon on the phone.

“Hi, I’m Andi, your assistant application. How can I help you?”

“Andi, find me information on St. Winefride’s Well in Holywell which is either tagged 1917 or has that date in the entry.”

“Very good. The search results are displayed on your screen. Would you like me to read relevant passages?”

“No, thanks. That will be all.”

“Very good.”

Darnell looked at Megan. “The assistant isn’t very good at finding context in articles, usually just reads the sentence with the specific information requested. Is there a specific reference you had in mind?”

“Yeah. Is there a link to a blog called ‘Well Hopper’ there?”


“Try that one. Should be towards the end.”

Darnell went to the blog post, scanned down through the entry. “Yeah, here it is: All early descriptions and illustrations of the well indicate that the volume of water flowing from the well was  much greater than that seen today, the spring forming a small river that ran from the well.   Disaster struck the well at 8am on 5th january 1917 when nearby mining works struck and diverted the underground stream that fed the well causing the well to run dry. Eventually another source was found to feed the well; however the force of this is much less and the well now forms a modest bathing area outside the shrine rather than the rapid stream that used to flow from the building in earlier days.

He looked up at her. “Huh. So, it’s not really the same well?”

“Does the source of the water matter more than where it emerges?” She sipped her wine, considered, then continued. “You went there, expecting one thing because of your previous experience at the place.”

“Yeah, but I did what you told me, and tried to see the place as the believers see it.”

“But Dar,” she said, “you didn’t try to believe. You just tried to see their perspective. There’s a difference.”

“Now, wait a minute …”

“Don’t get upset. I didn’t figure that this would be something you could do on your first try. You’d been there before, and were necessarily going to have some understandable barriers in place.” She smiled. “It was a good start. Leave it at that, and move on.”


Jim Downey

And yes, that is a real blog post. Remember, St. Cybi’s Well is set in 2012, in a timeline very close to our own. There will be a lot of material in the book drawn straight from our reality.

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