Communion Of Dreams

That’s amusing.

I was scheduling a “free Kindle copy” promotion of Communion of Dreams a while ago, and as part of that I was poking around a little deeper into the Amazon ratings/rankings/comments. Something they evidently added a while back that I hadn’t noticed is that people can “highlight” passages in the Kindle edition, and share that info with other readers.

Anyway, about a year ago someone highlighted a passage (in italics below) and added a comment which I find rather amusing, and I thought I’d share it:

JohnB: I resent the author’s allusion to Christians in this negative light. More unConstitutional bashing.

Take your worst nightmare right-wing Christian fundies,

Really makes me wonder if he continued to read the book at all past that point.

You can find all the highlights here. Oh, and the Kindle edition will be available for free this Thursday and Friday.


Jim Downey

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My brains hurts. Exercising your Constitutionally enshrined rights is unConstitutional? (And that’s if you were actually bashing Christians.)

Comment by Kyle V.

Perzactly. See, because he thought that I was bashing Christians, that negates my right to say such things.

Gods, I need to find a way to work that into “St. Cybi’s Well” – it’s a nearly perfect example of exactly the mindset which leads to a Constitutional Theocracy.

Comment by James Downey

[…] and scheduled a two-day promotion for the Kindle edition of Communion of Dreams the other day, as mentioned. After I posted something about it on Facebook, John Bourke, my primary co-author on Her Final Year […]

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