Communion Of Dreams

You can’t tell a book …

So, a week or so ago I linked to a new review of Communion of Dreams which was very positive overall. But the reviewer made a comment which echoes things some other people have said:

Another item that would likely help get this book moving is a different cover. I understand the imagery now that I’ve read the book, but definitely think it will keep hard-core sci-fi fans from buying a copy (and people do judge books by their covers).

Like I said, every so often a comment to this effect will pop up in a review. And I don’t spend much time thinking about it (and I’m not going to change the cover image at this point), but now and then I wonder just what kind of a cover would appeal to ‘hard-core sci-fi fans’ and still make any kind of sense in relation to the story. Maybe some nice images of Saturn or Titan from the Cassini mission? A depiction of some of the spacecraft (which aren’t described in much detail in the book), or perhaps the Titan Prime space station? Go with a charming post-apocalyptic montage of ruined cities and microphotographs of viruses? To me, none of these would fairly represent the story, and to a certain extent would unnecessarily limit the appeal to only ‘hard-core sci-fi fans’.

But I’m curious what others think. So feel free to post a comment here or over on FB. Over even on Amazon, as a comment on an extant review or in  new review of your own. In a week or so I’ll go through all the various comments I can find, and pick someone to get a jar of my latest hot sauce (or something else if they don’t want that).

Jim Downey

PS: there’s another new short review up on Amazon you might want to take a look at as well.

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There are a number of images from Cassini as you pointed out and I am thinking you could find a way to use them. I like the idea of a view of the orbiting station or maybe the mining base on the surface.

Comment by Tim Weitzel

Background: a picture from the Cassini mission with the spacecraft in close enough to see some details, but far enough away to not need LOTS of detail.

Foreground: the main character after his tech was zapped. This way, he actually has techie gizmos you can SEE.

Comment by The Dread Pirate Muffin

I’m not overly impacted, at least negatively, by cover art although good cover art is nice to look at. Having said that I really enjoy cool pictures of spacecraft.

Comment by Jim Heivilin

Naughty without reading it yet, but I’m a sci-fi stickler demanding a proper sci-fi cover 😉 You have an awesome number of reviews, so you must be doing something right! Just downloaded for my backlog

Comment by justmoo33

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