Communion Of Dreams

Pynchon, rephrased.*


Huw reached down, picked up a glass, then held it up for Darnell to see. Then he turned to the sink in the counter behind him, turned a tap and filled the glass. Again he held it up for Darnell’s consideration. “If I tell you that only the water that comes out of this tap is safe to drink, and I control the tap, then you have to ask me for water – on my terms. Then I control you.”


“But what if you knew you could just step outside to the stream from the falls and drink that water?”

Darnell nodded. “Or if I had my own well.”

“Or even,” smiled Huw, “if you knew where there were other wells available for the free use of all.”

“Understood. But if I don’t know about the other wells or streams, or think that they’re not safe to drink from …”

“Correct,” said Huw. “I don’t have to control all the water in order to control you. I just need to distract you from noticing that there are other sources.”


The writing continues.


Jim Downey

*A small homage to this: “If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don’t have to worry about the answers.”


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