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Obscure, but mildly interesting.

Interesting item I started working on yesterday for one of my clients:


Which led me to do a bit of digging, since I hadn’t been aware that the Indiana Territory had once been the governmental body for the Louisiana Purchase territory. And, in fairness, it wasn’t for very long — the District of Louisiana existed for just about 9 months. On July 4, 1805 things were turned over to the new governmental body of the Louisiana Territory.

Which explains something about the item above: it was printed in observation of the centennial of that change. Here’s the obverse of that page:


So it’s only 110 years old (which I could tell from the binding), not 210 years old. Still a pretty rare item, though — note that there were only 50 copies printed, and I’m sure at least a few have been lost to time. Meaning that it is more rare than the Gutenberg Bible (of which only about 48 copies remain).

Interesting, though obscure, bit of history I thought I would share.


Jim Downey

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