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The title of the next chapter is “Llangelynnin” (which refers to the church/churchyard, rather than just the holy well at this site — this is a change from what I had originally planned), and in doing a little research I found this nice bit of video:


The holy well isn’t shown in this video, but is basically directly below the drone at about the 0:13 mark. It can be seen at the very southern point of the wall enclosure here, and in an image in this entry. Some of my source material is drawn from this travelogue from 2006 (towards the bottom of that post). And I think the video gives a very nice feel for the remoteness of the site, and why I have wanted to include it in the story I am telling.

Oh, I haven’t said in a while, but I now have approximately 85,000 words written (that’s actual novel, not including notes or reference material), with about 25,000 – 30,000 to go before I’m finished (and a fair amount of that is partially done already in notes and reference material). So I’m not in the closing stretch, but am getting there. It’s progress, anyway.


Jim Downey

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Lovely and remote indeed. Are the rectangular things in the church yard burials?

Comment by Karen Locke

Yes, indeed. That’s the way it is traditionally done in Wales, using a slab of slate on top of the grave. Sometimes it is carved/inscribed, sometimes not and there is a separate headstone.

Comment by James Downey

That’s a great video and exciting news! I’ll see Ryan tomorrow and make sure to let him know how the book is coming as well.

Comment by The Dread Pirate Muffin

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