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Have you seen the stars tonight?*
June 3, 2011, 8:08 pm
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Simply lovely.

Jim Downey

*And yes, that would have made a great soundtrack for the vid.

Maybe you had to have been there . . .

(I’m still fighting this stubborn flu, so forgive the light content quality. But I just had to pass on this brilliant item found on BoingBoing.)

I’ve recently been going through all the old Star Trek: The Original Series episodes and movies, and being amused at just how well the stuff holds up after so many years. But that has nothing to do with this, which I offer for your amusement: Jefferson Airplane‘s White Rabbit with TOS crew.

Bloody well brilliant.

Jim Downey

“Have you seen the stars tonight?”

This weekend the annual Perseid meteor shower is at its height, I think Sunday night predicted for the best viewing. It’s enough of a big deal that news of it penetrates even into the mainstream press, one of the few times each year that most people may actually be inclined to look up in the sky.

I don’t talk about music much here. That’s mostly because I don’t get to listen to music very much these days – it interfers with listening to a monitor to see if my mother-in-law needs attending. But that hasn’t always been the case, and I actually have a fairly extensive collection of (mostly) rock music, going back to The Beatles, on LP, tape, and CD.

And it’s funny – for some reason whenever I think of the Persieds, I tend to think of the Jefferson Starship song “Have you seen the stars tonight?”, from their first album (as ‘Starship’) Blows Against The Empire. Here are the lyrics:

Have you seen the stars tonight?
Would you like to go up on A-deck and look at them with me?
Have you seen the stars tonight?
Would you like to go up for a stroll and keep me company?

Did you know
We could go
We are free
Any place
You can think of
We can be

Have you seen the stars tonight?
Have you looked at all of the galaxy of stars?

Simple (though the actual song is fairly lush in the way that only free-wheeling rock circa 1970 can be). And few people know it, but the whole concept album owes a lot to Robert Heinlein’s novel Methuselah’s Children, and was actually nominated for a Hugo Award.

Anyway, if you get a chance, look at the stars, and the Persieds, tonight.

Jim Downey