Communion Of Dreams

And for today’s nightmare fuel …

… courtesy of Boston Dynamics:

Don’t get me wrong — that’s extremely cool technology. And I can think of all kinds of incredible applications even just as it is, let alone what it promises for the future.

But it also gives me the heebie-jeebies watching it move.


Jim Downey

I’ve seen this movie.

I know how it ends.

Oh, shit.


Jim Downey

Welcome to the future.




Jim Downey

Via MeFi. And this comment is just hilarious.

“Refuel the donkey, and let’s get going.”

Step by step, the future gets closer:

That’s a new robot from Boston Dynamics called the LS3 – Legged Squad Support Systems. It’ll carry 400 pounds and run for 20 miles/24 hours before needing to be refueled. You don’t even need a ‘driver’: it’ll follow a designated leader automatically, picking its way over terrain on its own.

I’ll leave it to you to consider the implications of that last point.

Jim Downey