Communion Of Dreams

“Um, your present?”

“Yeah. What did you get me?”

“Well …”

“You forgot, didn’t you. Admit it.”

“No, I didn’t! I just …”

“Oh, just admit it. You forgot to get me something, didn’t you?”

“No, really, I didn’t! Honest!”

“Then where is it?”



Yup, Communion of Dreams is available for free download today through Sunday, December 28th. Please, go get it. Share it. Give it to others. Or at least let them know that you went to great trouble and expense to make sure that the book was ABSOLUTELY FREE all weekend, just for their convenience.

Happy Boxing Day!


Jim Downey

11 months.

Happy Boxing Day! Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, filled with love & friendship.

Yesterday was also a “Promotional Day” for the Kindle editions of Communion of Dreams and Her Final Year, and both books saw a decent amount of traffic for a holiday.  More on HFY later — right now I want to chat a bit about Communion.

As it happens, yesterday was also the 11 month ‘anniversary’ for the paperback edition of Communion of Dreams — the Kindle edition came out a few days earlier, but January 25th is what I consider to be the ‘launch date’ for the book.

And in 11 months, there have been a grand total of 23,216 downloads of the Kindle edition of the book, sales of 25 paperback copies through Amazon, and something about twice that of paperback sales through me directly (including the Kickstarter copies). Of the total downloads, a bit less than 7% were sales/loans, totaling 1,507. Meaning that I gave away some 21,709 copies of the book.

Selling 1,500 copies of a first novel really isn’t too bad, to be honest, and that would have been about what was expected through a conventional publisher in the past for an unknown writer. And to be quite honest, I’ve earned more from doing this than I would have through a conventional publisher — the ill-fated Publisher Who Shall Not Be Named offered me an advance which was about one-third of what I have made on the book so far. It’s not a lot of money, but it is nice to be rewarded for all our hard work — thanks, one and all.

And “moving” 23,000 copies of the book all-told? That’s downright respectable.  In the previous 5 years when I had the earlier .pdf version of the book available on my website, there were a total of about 35,000 downloads. That right there shows you to power of Amazon’s system and Jeff Bezos’ vision.

I will again offer free a “Promotional Day” next month — probably in conjunction with the first anniversary. But don’t let that dissuade you from going ahead and buying a copy of the Kindle edition, the paperback, or even the hand-bound hard-cover — remember, you’re helping to support good independent writing and art!

Again, happy holidays, everyone!


Jim Downey