Communion Of Dreams

Virtuous ends.

From Chapter 9 of Communion of Dreams, about the ‘Edenists’:

“Please,” asked Johan Klee, “who are these Edenists? I do not believe that we have them in Europe.”

“Homegrown American kooks,” said Gates. “Take your worst nightmare right-wing Christian fundies, breed ‘em with ecological extremists, let the mix simmer in isolation for about twenty years, and you wind up with the Edenists: eco-terrorists who think that it’s God’s Will that mankind return to a primitive, pre-industrial state.”

I hate having these things be so damned accurate:

Greenpeace Apologizes For Stunt At Peru’s Sacred Nazca Lines

Greenpeace activists stand next to massive cloth letters next to the hummingbird geoglyph at Peru’s sacred Nazca lines. The Peruvian government is pursuing criminal charges against the activists.

Greenpeace has apologized to the people of Peru after activists entered a highly restricted area to leave a message on ancient, sacred desert land.

Activists placed giant, yellow letters spelling out, “Time for change! The future is renewable. Greenpeace,” near markings in the earth known as the Nazca lines.

Fanaticism, whether religious, moral, racial, or technological, is dangerous. Once you decide that your virtuous ends justify any means you use, horror is a predictable outcome.


Jim Downey

That’s amusing.

I was scheduling a “free Kindle copy” promotion of Communion of Dreams a while ago, and as part of that I was poking around a little deeper into the Amazon ratings/rankings/comments. Something they evidently added a while back that I hadn’t noticed is that people can “highlight” passages in the Kindle edition, and share that info with other readers.

Anyway, about a year ago someone highlighted a passage (in italics below) and added a comment which I find rather amusing, and I thought I’d share it:

JohnB: I resent the author’s allusion to Christians in this negative light. More unConstitutional bashing.

Take your worst nightmare right-wing Christian fundies,

Really makes me wonder if he continued to read the book at all past that point.

You can find all the highlights here. Oh, and the Kindle edition will be available for free this Thursday and Friday.


Jim Downey