Communion Of Dreams

Sunday is ‘first contact’.

So, this coming Sunday is the 40th pre-anniversary (preversary?) of when the main character of Communion of Dreams first encounters the artifact. Here’s the relevant passage from Chapter 8:

The two of them stood there, on the edge of the excavation pit, looking down. Beams of light flooded the pit, but didn’t seem to really touch the misty grey surface of the artifact. There was no reflection, no glint, and no shadow. There was that roughly hexagonal shape to each of the several facets of it, but it had more of an overall tear-drop shape than he expected. Flat top, rounded bottom. And the large burl of gel directly below the suspended artifact, quicksilver with a little electric blue thrown in.

“Mind if I go down and take a good look?”

As I mentioned previously, I now have more promotional days with KDP Select, meaning that I can schedule a promotional event in ‘celebration’ of the novel’s ‘first contact’. So, plan on it – tell your friends, post it to blogs, heck shout it from the rooftops – the Kindle edition of Communion of Dreams will be free to one and all on Sunday, April 22!

Jim Downey