Communion Of Dreams

“Well the first days are the hardest days…”*

An interesting launch.

First, we had 2,215 downloads of Communion of Dreams yesterday (and even one from Italy!) Yay!

Thanks to all who helped to spread the word, and to everyone who downloaded a copy of the book. I didn’t stay up until the end of the promotion, but the last time I checked the stats CoD was ranked #6 in the Science Fiction category of the Kindle store, and was #142 overall.

Over on the Kickstarter for St. Cybi’s Well, it was also quite a good day, with a total of $1,260 pledged.  And already a couple of people have claimed this reward:

Pledge $500 or more

2 Backers Limited (3 of 5 left)

Mmm, Leather! Double Set: Get a personally handbound leather hardcover copy of *BOTH* “St. Cybi’s Well” and “Communion of Dreams”. The books will be numbered, also signed & inscribed to the recipient. Binding will be in full premium calf with a nice embossed label spine. Your choice of leather color and endpapers. Also includes download copy of both books. (For international shipping, please add $20.)

Est. delivery: Dec 2013

Which is very cool, and very much appreciated. I will enjoy doing all the hand-binding work on these and the other premium rewards.

But while it is important for the funding goal to succeed, running a Kickstarter isn’t just about generating money. It’s also about building community and raising awareness of a project. So *all* contributions are important to me, and in some ways a person who just “pre-orders” the novel for $5, or who enjoyed Communion of Dreams and shows their appreciation with a $1 contribution but then goes on to share news of the Kickstarter with others is more important than someone who happens to be in a financial position to invest in a custom binding.

Seriously, think about it — if each and every person who has downloaded Communion of Dreams during a promotion this year kicked in a buck, we’d already be past the first ‘stretch goal’. And each time someone shares the Kickstarter page, or tells people about my writing, or puts up a review, they help to generate more interest and eventually more financial support which allows me to do more writing.

So, thanks to *everyone* who took the time to pass along the news at any stage of this process. Even though I’m more than a bit of a curmudgeon and an introvert, you — everyone in this little community — are extremely important to me.

And if you haven’t yet checked out the Kickstarter, or told others about it, please take a moment and do so. It helps — it *really* helps.

Jim Downey