Communion Of Dreams

Trick or treat!

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that there was a case of ‘Bad Timing‘ in terms of having problems scheduling another promotional day for Communion of Dreams.

Well, in the whirlwind which followed with the success of the Kickstarter, I didn’t get back to this topic. Suffice it to say that Amazon took a few days to resolve the glitch in their system — it wasn’t just me who ran into it; they said that it was a “known problem we are working hard to resolve.” One of the rare occasions when I haven’t been happy with their system.

But now that the glictch is fixed, and I’m past the worst of the Kickstarter changes, time to go ahead and reschedule a give-away. So, it seems right to do it on this coming Wednesday. Yup, Hallowe’en.

No trick — just a treat: please download the Kindle edition of Communion of Dreams. You don’t even need to own an actual Kindle, since there are free Kindle emulators for just about every computer/reader/mobile device out there.

Happy All-Hallow’s Eve-eve-eve, everyone!

Jim Downey