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Half a million.
March 10, 2009, 10:29 am
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Well, things with the Ballistic by the inch site have slowed down since I wrote this:

OK, this is a little weird.

I’ve created a monster.  Well, not just me, but it’s at least largely my writing.  Not that even my own sister could tell that.

See, the Ballistics by the inch project has been really successful.  Really successful.  Like over-a-quarter-million-hits-in-the-two-weeks-since-we-launched-it successful. I won’t know the actual number for a couple of hours, but already yesterday it was past that mark.

That’s more than twice the number of hits I’ve had to the Communion of Dreams site in the entire two years since it launched.

But yesterday the number of hits to that site crossed 500,000.  In basically three months.  And we’ll probably see a new round of interest next month, when the article in Concealed Carry Magazine comes out.


So far, this has stayed primarily within the ‘firearms enthusiast’ community, and it may well just remain there.  That’d be OK – that was the audience for which we did it.  But it could also make the jump into the mainstream fairly easily, and that would be very odd, not unlike (but from a completely different direction) to when my little Paint the Moon project got picked up by the mainstream press.

Hmm, I need to remember to update my Wikipedia entry…

Jim Downey

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