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Well, that was fun!
November 19, 2009, 8:54 pm
Filed under: 2nd Amendment, Ballistics, Civil Rights, Constitution, Guns, RKBA

Cross posted from the BBTI blog.

More “it’s all about ME ME ME !!!” . . .

Had a nice interview with Doc Wesson on the Gun Nation Podcast, runs about 45 minutes in the first section of a great two-part show. We talk about a lot of different aspects of the Ballistics By The Inch project, and related topics. The whole show is definitely worth listening to, but the bit with me starts at about the 15:00 mark in part one, if you want to skip over that bit.

No, seriously, if you get a chance, put The Gun Nation into your queue of good things to listen to. In the interview I give some hints about future tests we want to conduct, and Doc manages to tease out of me some of my own conclusions about carry ammo I haven’t previously discussed.

Jim Downey

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