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Closing in.
June 26, 2011, 12:27 pm
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A follow-up to last weekend’s post: Where I’m at…

We’ve moved ahead on all fronts. The ‘interior design’ of the book (both Kindle and print-on-demand versions) has been basically done, and the final decision on the front cover layout pretty much accomplished. We still need to position photos of both Martha Sr and Georgia in the text, tweak a couple of entries, as well as design the back cover. Most of the accounting stuff has been done, and things put in place for the website domain and hosting. Now that the cover design has been resolved, we can be thinking about the website design, but that should go really smoothly.

In other words, we’re closing in on being done, and being ready to “launch” the book. My Good Lady Wife has done an amazing amount of work with all the nuts & bolts of this, and it shows. My co-author and his wife have also put in countless hours reviewing, revising, and responding (graciously) to my incessant pushing to get this project completed. Well, I’m good at being annoying, so I was the logical person to annoy everyone to keep working.

It’s exciting. Stay tuned for official announcements, perhaps even a sneak preview.

Jim Downey

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You’ve been great at marshaling resources and keeping the focus; some may find that annoying, but you’ve managed it with grace and ease.

You and your Good Lady Wife have much to be satisfied with. My Good Lady Wife and I will get our remaining tidbits wrapped up this afternoon…onward and upward.

Comment by JB

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