Communion Of Dreams

January 31, 2008, 11:18 am
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I have my doubts:

The canned cheeseburger – fast food in the wilderness.

The canned cheeseburger is sold under one of Katadyn’s best known brands, Trekking-Mahlzeiten, a subsidiary company that develops specialist ready-meals for the outdoor, expedition and extreme athlete markets.

The high tech hamburger has been developed for trekkers and the non-traditional metal wrapping reflects the Trekking-Mahlzeiten company ethos that its speciality meals should be easy to prepare and require only water to do so – simply throw the can into a water container over a fire, give it a minute or two, fish it out, open the lid, and eat. With a shelf life of twelve months without requiring refrigeration, the lightweight snack is the ideal fast food treat for the wilderness.

Hmm. Seems that it has been done before, as art. Oh, here’s pix of the real thing and someone eating it.

Ain’t technology grand?


Jim Downey

Via MeFi.

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