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Death comes quickly.
September 22, 2013, 8:26 am
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He spoke through tears of 15 years how his dog and him traveled about
The dog up and died, he up and died
And after 20 years he still grieves*

Again, I am reminded that we need to cherish those we love while we have them.

An hour or so ago I lost my buddy. The buddy who went walking with me every morning. The buddy who helped me get through the long years of being a care-giver. The buddy who kept a sharp eye out for trespassing deer, and people, and racoons — especially racoons. The buddy who was always there, always patient, always happy to see me.

Death came quickly and unexpectedly. Yesterday he was fine, had a good day. Last night he seemed a little sluggish, reluctant to go outside, but we figured that was due to the loudness of a nearby music festival. He didn’t like loud noises.

This morning before the sun was up, he was out of his bed, seemed to not be feeling well. I decided to wait until a little later in the morning before I called our vet. Shortly thereafter he started a quick downward spiral, showing all the symptoms of a heart attack. We debated whether we could get him to a veterinary hospital in time to do any good. Instead, he was able to die while I held him, in familiar surroundings.

He was a good dog.

The cats are being extra affectionate this morning. They know we’re hurting.

Jim Downey

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I’m so sorry for your loss. I know how difficult it can be, and know that you’ll cherish the memories, the love and devotion of your buddy – and thru that, he’ll live on in the most important of places: your heart.

Comment by John

Thanks, John.

Comment by James Downey

Oh, Jim, I’m so sorry! May the sweetness of his memory be a blessing to you, always. I’ll be thinking about you two today.

Comment by TanteLiz

Thanks, Liz.

Comment by James Downey

It is so hard to loose your companion. There is something so special about the bond. The only thing worse than loosing your pooch is to never have had them in your life and heart at all.

Comment by Spike

Thanks, Spike.

Comment by James Downey

So sorry for your loss. That was sudden.

Comment by Tim Weitzel

Thanks, Tim. Yeah, he was just shy of turning 9, and we fully expected to have him in our lives for another four or five years at least. He’d had no indications of any previous heart problems, so this came completely out of the blue.

Comment by James Downey

Losing a friend and a family member like that is always hard. At least you were able to be there for him to the end. My condolences.

Comment by Jane

Thanks, Jane.

Comment by James Downey

I grieve with thee, dear heart. I am glad for him that you were his boy, and you were there to comfort him. Tears for his bright spark now gone from this dark Earth.

Comment by Susan Carna Mattingly

Thank you, Susan.

Comment by James Downey

So, so sorry for your loss, my dear. I am glad I got to meet him. Morgana

Comment by Trish

Thanks, Morgana.

Comment by James Downey

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