Communion Of Dreams

Hang in there, Friday’s coming.

On December 26th I wrote this:

As it happens, yesterday was also the 11 month ‘anniversary’ for the paperback edition of Communion of Dreams — the Kindle edition came out a few days earlier, but January 25th is what I consider to be the ‘launch date’ for the book.

And in 11 months, there have been a grand total of 23,216 downloads of the Kindle edition of the book, sales of 25 paperback copies through Amazon, and something about twice that of paperback sales through me directly (including the Kickstarter copies).

Including paperback and hardcover copies sold, we’re currently somewhere a bit over 23,300 total copies of all varieties disseminated.  That’s close enough to 25,000 that I think it would be fun to see if we could push over that number by the end of this coming Friday, which will be the actual one-year anniversary.

So, here’s a way to help that happen: have a big sale/promotional push.

To that end, the Kindle edition of Communion of Dreams will be free for anyone to download starting tomorrow and going through Friday. Yeah, completely FREE for four days. If you’re recently bought the Kindle edition of Communion of Dreams, I won’t even mind if you return it for credit and then download it for free starting tomorrow. Please, be my guest! And remember, you don’t even need to own a Kindle — there is a free emulator/app for just about every computer/tablet/mobile device out there. I recently added one to my smartphone, and it works like a charm.

If you prefer a paperback book over an electronic one, then here’s a discount code for $2.00 off the list price, good in my CreateSpace store: 99K4TNJZ

Lastly, if you’ve been wanting one of the hand-bound hardcover version books, but haven’t been able to swing the $100 minimum payment this close to the holidays, then here’s your chance to reserve a copy for just $25 down, balance due when the book is ready to ship (or in arranged installments if you would prefer).

All special offers/pricing is good tomorrow through the end of the day this coming Friday. Actually, the discount code on paperbacks and the minimum deposit on hardcover books is good today, as well.

So, help me out — we just need 1,700 copies sold/downloaded to break 25k. That’s doable. Very, very doable.



Jim Downey


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