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As I have noted, I have been fairly busy of late.  And in looking back over the last couple of months, I can see a real change in both my energy level and my ability to focus – it’s no longer the case that I want to nap most of the time.  Yeah, I am still going through a detox process, still finding my way back to something akin to normalcy – but there has been a decided improvement.  Fewer migraines.  More energy.  A willingness to take on some additional obligations.

So I had to debate a long time when I was recently contacted by a site wanting to expand their scope and impact.  These folks.  They were wanting me to do a column every two weeks, more-or-less related to Science Fiction (giving me a lot of latitude to define the scope of the column as I saw fit).  They have a lot of good ideas, and seem to have a pretty good handle on where they want to go in the future.  And the invitation was a real compliment to me – not only did they say nice things about my writing, but they have a good energy and attitude which is appealing.

But I declined the invitation.  Why?  Well, to a certain extent it’s like Bradbury says: “You have to know how to accept rejection and reject acceptance.”

I may come to regret this decision.  It could possibly have helped my writing career, at least in terms of landing a conventional publishing contract.  And I know from writing my newspaper column that the discipline can do good things for me – forcing me to address a specific topic rather than the more general musings I post here and at UTI.  But I really do have a lot on my plate right now, and they are all things I want to do well, rather than just get done.  Blogging here (which is really quite important to me).  Participating at UTI.  Crafting this book about being a care provider.  Getting the ballistics project website up and running.  All the book conservation work waiting for me.  Eventually getting to work on St. Cybi’s Well again.  And enjoying life.  There’s been precious little of that these last few years.

So, I declined.  But if you perhaps would be interested in the gig, they have contact info on their homepage.

Jim Downey

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